Duck Calls

Where the Wood Turns offers handmade duck calls utilizing Echo inserts! 

These are high quality inserts made by hunters for hunters.  I make each call one at a time so each is as individual as the hunter who uses it.  If you have a favorite wood or color, just contact me and I'll make a custom call of your choice.

We use the following insert types:

  • Timber Call
    The acrylic Timber calls are designed for close in calling.  These calls are in great demand by guides and serious hunters who hunt ducks at close range.
  • Double Reed Timber Call
    Great for medium to close in calling.  Ducky tone yet easy to operate for beginners or seasoned hunters.
  • Open Water Call 
    The Open Water Call has a great ringing hail call for longer distance calling and they are very ducky on the low end.  This is a great call for use in field hunting or for open water with less trees.


Currently No Duck Calls in Stock