Deer Grunts

Madrone Burl GruntThe deer grunt is hand-turned, one of a kind and unique in every way. No two designs are exactly alike. Each is made with individual care, crafted from unique and exotic woods from around the world and from the native woods of America. The deer grunt materials are selected for their beauty and are then carefully drilled, and hand-turned to their individual shapes. The stopper chamber is carefully fitted to become a part of the whole design. The grunt is then sanded and polished for maximum beauty and protection. While these are trophy room quality and great display items, they are good to go on the hunt. Each call will be supplied with a lanyard allowing the hunter to wear the call around his or her neck. The deer gunts on this page all have a very high quality plastic reed and can be adjusted to the hunter’s own preference simply by pulling the stopper chamber end out and adjusting the o-ring on the reed.

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