About Our Artist

Jeff TurningI am Jeff Short and have been a woodturner/ woodworker in Florida for many years now.  I am completely self-taught and love the hobby a great deal.  I started as many of you as just someone who loves collecting pens.  I believe that anything you do should always start as a passion.  That is really why I started making pens.  I find it both challenging and rewarding to find just the right combination of materials to make a special pen.  As I participate in arts and craft shows, I thoroughly enjoy trying to match the right pen with each person that is exploring around my booth.  I want this site to be an extension of that experience and hope that you will come back often to see new items. If you would ever like to discuss a custom made object or see something on the site you would like to have made from another wood or material, please let me know.  I enjoy collaborating with other pen collectors, woodturners or anyone with a great imagination.  Remember, this is where the wood (and a whole lot more) turns!!


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