About Where The Wood Turns



Where the Wood Turns offers hand-crafted items created from a variety of unique materials.  Each item is made one at a time to ensure attention to detail and craftsmanship.  Great care goes into the choice of every material so that the final outcome is an item you can be proud to own.

Pens are made from exotic woods, rifle cartridges, denim, deer antler, circuit boards, coffee beans, snakeskin, shredded money, flower petals and more!  If you can dream it up, I’m always willing to try and make something truly one of a kind.  If you want a keepsake from a special day or event, it is often possible to capture the moment in a pen.  I constantly like to experiment with new materials to explore the possibilities and create new and special items.

Other gifts such as kaleidoscopes, wine stoppers and hunting calls are also available. 

I invite you to explore around the site and to come back often to see new items as they are added.   

About Our Artist